Socrate Production Module

The module helps with the management of a complete production cycle, from the raw materials stage to the finished product. This allows the preparing, launch, execution and tracking of the production process.


  • The module can be applied to different production types.
  • The purchase of raw materials is based on the supply needs.
  • Quality measurement for the raw materials with analysis bulletins.
  • The production order is updated either automatically or by setting production execution moments.
  • Structure flexibility.
  • The system provides daily data regarding the exemption of delivery obligations, according to the contractual terms.
  • Integrates with the fixed assets module for taking over resources and equipment.
  • Perfect integration with the Client orders, Supplier orders, Stock and Accounting modules.


  • Prepares, launches and tracks the production process.
  • Authorizes and controls product manufacturing processes.
  • Registers specific consumption and the delivery of final products.
  • Controls throw-outs and consumption variations.
  • Expense calculation for final products and product quality control.
  • The raw materials needed can be generated for one or more orders and is automatically transformed in purchasing need.
  • The production process can be in different stages (launched, paused, ongoing, stopped or finished).
  • Sales price calculation.
  • Production cost management.
  • Automatic production closing.
  • Flexible reports based on every company’s needs.
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