Sales Force Automation

Automate and coordinate your sales operations


SFA (Sales Force Automation) is a system that automatically records all stages of a sales process.

It tracks all contact’s that’s been made with a client and any follow up that may be needed.

Sales force automation software allows you to standardize your company’s sales processes and activities, from lead to quote to conversion, along with reporting and efficiency analysis.

This system can collate numerous sales records in minutes in place of hours it would take if you do things manually in a spreadsheet.

Having this information ensures you contact customers only when required.

This way, it helps to avoid over-contacting, as well as accidental omissions and insure that your employees time is best in revenue generation for your organization.

The key in growing your sale’s and marketing’s team productivity consists in using a software that will automate and coordinate your entire sales operations.

Weather it’s the order processing, inventory monitoring, order tracking, or other sales task, SFA is your unified platform that will help you close more sales.

Sales force automation


  • Coordinate sales operations
  • Implement sales techniques
  • Monitor sales objectives
  • Records all the stages in a sales process
  • Tracking and contact management features to help you monitor all interactions with your clients .
  • Generate Leads from multiple sources
  • Unified view of sales team activities
  • Scalability and Customizable Reports


  • Empower your employees to maximize their working hours and spend more time on revenue-generating activities for the company.
  • Generate reports and analytics
  • Enables you to make better decisions in a shorter amount of time
  • Automatically track and record your customer’s entire order history
  • Integrated with CRM(Customer Relationship Manager) – Improve Customer experience
  • SFA can run on tablets and smartphones