The S.a.a.S solution (Software as a Service) is a choice that many companies affected by the financial crisis had to make, because it offers the possibility to rent software licenses instead of purchasing them for high prices.

The applications are hosted by the supplier within a DataCenter.

Clients can access them directly through the apps’ own interfaces or through a web browser.


  • Easier software management.
  • Updating and upgrading continuity.
  • The supplier is the one that deals with apps, servers, data backups and changes in the legal system.
  • All the users will have the same version of the software.
  • Predictable monthly costs (fixed subscription price).
  • No licenses or backups on the client side.
  • Reduces the risk of losing data and time because of technical or human errors.
  • Eliminates excess costs with personnel and internal infrastructure.
  • Mobility – by being web-based apps, they are the ideal solution to widely spread societies.