GREEN AUTO – Precise car park administration, route optimization and cost reduction

auto fleet

The Auto app is dedicated to auto fleet management, which is based on the Web technology.

This utility system allows the updating of all the information that an auto fleet management depends on.

It also offers, through its reports, a clear view on expenses, activities and events.

One of the software’s most important goals is the centralization of fleet expenses on profit centers, from which the profit and loss account can be deduced.


  • The fleet manager can use the distant diagnosis facilities and can keep a close surveillance on various technical parameters.
  • Allows the fleet manager to pinpoint geographical areas on the map and assign events to them.
  • The information is provided online and in real-time through a user friendly and customizable interface.
  • Electronic import of completed transactions and gas refills at partner gas stations.
  • Compatible with most accounting back offices (ERPs).
  • The app features an internal communication system through which the users can interact with each other (e-mail).
  • Data importing and exporting from and to the app can be done with Microsoft Excel.
  • Generates legal action papers according to the current laws.
  • Numerous reports leading to optimal car park administration.


  • Minimal usage cost.
  • Manages complex fleet control activities: establishes routes and distributes vehicles on their routes, increases vehicle usage or manages multiple expense destinations (salaries, extra hours, fuel, fines, service, insurance etc.).
  • Smart cost management. Organizes the costs by certain criteria: firms, departments, expense centers, expense categories etc.
  • Keeps a log of your vehicles: number of kilometers driven, distributed routes, accountable individuals etc.
  • Keeps a clear log of inactivity periods and maintains personnel control.
  • Prevents internal fraud and reduces fuel costs derived from pre-calculating each transport and chooses an optimal route.
  • Advanced warning system for expiry dates regarding insurance, vignettes, revisions, transport licenses and all specific documents.
  • Saves the time spent on filling out documents.


  • Comparative cost report for two identical vehicles, but with different drivers.
  • Comparative cost report for two different vehicles, for a certain amount of time.
  • Cost report by vehicle or by driver.
  • Average cost report by vehicle.
  • Daily activities report.
  • Reports on: activities, expenses, events, predicted interventions before expiration etc.


  • The Green Auto solution can be integrated with Green Track product, where the client gains access to extra information regarding the following: automatic completion of traveled kilometers, vehicle localization on a vector map and a system of integrated alerts powered by sensors installed on every vehicle. Together, the two solutions make this product unique on the market.