HR Tester – Evaluates real competence, accelerates the recruiting process and motivates the personnel

HR Tester is an online program dedicated to knowledge and competence testing for the selected candidates. It has a significant contribution to reaching the company’s goals, as it can identify and distribute each person on the right position.


  • Removes inefficient personnel and eliminates the risk of hiring unqualified people on the available positions.
  • A high storage capacity and the managing of a high data volume regarding current employees and candidates.
  • Professional evaluation system for current employees and candidates.
  • Keeps a detailed history of employees: progress, positions occupied, relevant courses and certificates.
  • Allows attachments in the form of electronic documents.
  • Eliminates the high volume of printed documents and optimizes the time allocated to the search and submitting of information.
  • Efficient internal communication that leads to an efficient understanding and distribution of all the employees’ tasks.


  • Builds a database of CVs attached to the grade obtained on the competence test.
  • Correct identifying of the employees’ competences.
  • Increases personnel motivation and lowers the risk of resignation.
  • Makes recruiting cheaper and faster.
  • Decisions regarding training sessions, promotions, re-distributions, payrolls and compensations.
  • Identifies real skills by using a professional query system.
  • Identifies missing skills and recommends the right position to the employee, within the company.
  • Improves and motivates employee performance through periodical testing.
  • Helps with HR strategic planning.


  • Coefficient reports: Appliers’ skill and competence level.
  • Confidentiality reports: Appliers’ self-confidence.
  • Reports regarding personnel evolution based on the history of obtained grades.