Green Fidelity – Establish a long term relation with your clients

This is a professional client loyalty system that allows an accumulation of value points or the granting of a special discount.

The system was built on the principle that a modern company doesn’t build its business randomly, but cultivates a lasting relation with its clients.


  • Increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Maintenance of the client portfolio and sales stimulation.
  • Builds and maintains a client database, allowing the possibility to reward loyal customers on certain occasions (personal or national).
  • Statistics regarding the following can be generated at any time:
    - Certain clients’ advantages over a period of time.
    - Card user profiles.
    - The frequency at which certain people visit the club.
    - Accumulated bonus points etc.


  • Attracts new customers and increases sales.
  • Reduces costs related to clients and business partners.
  • Creates new business opportunities.
  • Allows using the bonus points to purchase other available products or services.
  • Establishes a constant and customized communication between every client, supplier and employee respectively.


  • Green Fidelity is a module that integrates perfectly into the Web POS solution.