5g network

5G Network – the innovation of the future

5G Network – the innovation of the future

5G network

What is 5G?

5G is the 5th generation of mobile networks, a significant evolution of 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G networks. 5G has been designed to meet the very large growth in data and connectivity of today’s modern society, the internet of things with billions of connected devices, and tomorrow’s innovations. 5G will initially operate in conjunction with existing 4G networks before evolving to fully standalone networks in subsequent releases and coverage expansions.

How fast is 5G?

The 5G network is distinguished by its massive capacity and lower latency, applications that rely on near real-time completion and virtually imperceptible lag times – from autonomous mobility to telemedicine to cloud gaming and e-sports.

Average 5G speeds seem to be between 3 and 6 times faster than average 4G speeds based on the available data, with peak 5G speeds being far faster still (over 100 Mbps).

5G Data Transfer at Maximum Speed – Mbps

5g Network

1 GB file download time – Seconds 5G network5g Network

What 5G offer?

Data speeds;

Ultra low latency – faster response times;

Better connection;

Massive network capacity;

Increased availability and coverage;

Uniform, uninterrupted, and consistent connectivity across the world;

High resolution and bi-directional large bandwidth shaping;

Better gamming experiences (cloud gaming technology)

Robotic medical advancements (telemedicine, robotic surgeries).