Online Appointment – Respect your loyal customers’ time

This is a web application dedicated to medical offices, clinics or hospitals and it can be used to set appointments online.

online appointment software


  • It can be integrated with the ERP software.
  • Appointments can be set at any time of day.
  • Keeps a patient history.
  • Transparency and quick system access.
  • Modularity, scalability and advanced adaptability.
  • Multiple presentation interfaces.
  • Language selection option.
  • On time reports on the results of investigations.
  • Promoting of new services.
  • Gathering of loyalty points and discounts for every patient account.
  • Numerous reports by multiple criteria: periodical examination chart, doctor activity reports, department activity reports etc.


  • Appointments can be set from anywhere, at any time, if there is an internet connection.
  • Reduced internal costs.
  • Complete management of electronic medical records for every patient.
  • Differentiated access rights depending on the user type (internal: doctors, assistants or external: patients, relatives etc).
  • The patient can view a doctor’s entire schedule and suggest an appointment accordingly.
  • Optimal management of appointments, examinations and removal of downtimes.
  • Advanced alert system for the confirmation or cancelling of appointments, using e-mail or SMS to send notifications about any modifications or details regarding the appointment.


  • The application will be extended to include the Patient History Module and the Medicine with side effects Module.