Route Optimization - More time for sales

A software that brings profitability, readiness and safety to all companies managing a car fleet


Dispatchers planning the routes for their drivers, have a great responsibility. They must make the entire platform (car fleet) more efficient in the best way possible, by creating driving routes and adding stopping points, ensuring that drivers will deliver the merchandise on time.

Planning the routes involves an accurately correlating process between drivers, available vehicles and the time slots for delivery. And for dispatchers to manage such a large volume of tasks can be overwhelming, which can lead to miscalculations.

Route Optim is an intelligent software that generates available vehicles, transport costs, distance to client’s address and delivery time.

The application is design to help companies manage their fleet and the distribution process, in the most efficient way.

Maximize the dispatcher’s resources through efficiently optimized routes that use the smallest number of drivers required and the shortest route (according to distance or time).

How does Route Optim work?

Upload the files into the application, choose available vehicles and route. In maximum 10 minute, all your routes will be generated.

A map is displayed to dispatchers along with the optimized route(s) they need, including a timeline containing added stopping points.

With a simple drag and drop, the dispatchers can modify any routing’s element including the route itself, a specific driver or vehicle.

The purpose of an optimized route is to allow the dispatcher to streamline the fleet and it’s effective costs (entire distribution operation) and support the company in welcoming and exceeding their commitments to clients and regarding the services they offer.

optimizare de rute


  • Quickly creates delivery routes
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Less employees in warehouse and on the road
  • Special starting and stopping points
  • Available vehicles can be chosen based on volume, weight, number of seats, etc
  • Track real time fleet activity
  • Completing tasks right from the mobile app
  • The application runs with Windows and Android


  • Reduces by up to 45% fleet operational expenses
  • Shorter routes by up to 30%
  • Up to 20% less vehicles on the road
  • Reduces by up to 20% allocated time for managing the fleet


  • fleet operational expenses
  • visiting customers/check points
  • distances travelled according to scheduled routes
  • fuel consumption
  • route completion times
  • masses, volumes, pieces or transported people
  • comparative route analyses
  • costs by: km, volume, mass, customer, vehicle, route, area.