Green Track – Anticipates transport inefficiency and allows real-time corrections

Green Track is an AVLS software (Automatic Vehicle Location System) specialized with vehicle satellite tracking. It can save the history of the vehicle’s trips on an unlimited amount of time.

The system picks up the data from the satellite network and processes it so the vehicle’s location can be pinpointed on a digital map.

green tracking system AVLS


  • The program can track vehicles’ location and speed, in real-time.
  • Provides precise information to managers regarding vehicle activity, in a user friendly interface.
  • Contributes to an increase in service quality by reducing travelled kilometers, optimizing routes and tracking the vehicles’ functioning state.
  • Analyzing each vehicle makes the drivers more responsible and stimulated, thus reducing the inactivity periods.
  • The system is designed to ensure safety for drivers within companies.
  • Automatic report generation such as daily activity logs.
  • Reports for the management of the entire car park.


  • The smart online alert system warns about any event predefined by the administrator, through e-mail or SMS, at a 3 second interval.
  • A clear defining of the allocated hours and route planning minimizes fleet exploiting, both during and outside the work hours.
  • Fuel costs decrease substantially, by up to 30%.
  • Detects and eliminates fuel theft and rides for personal interest.
  • Reduces operational costs with the car fleet (15-25%) by reducing expenses with parts and service.
  • Sustained surveillance on the drivers’ conduct, aiming for a lower car usage rate.
  • More profitable CASCO insurance contracts.
  • Informs the clients about the location and ETA of the merchandise, along with possible delays.
Geofencing Point Module
Geofencing Zone Module
Conflicts Module
History Module
Consumption Module
Backup Module


  • Reports regarding the misconducts of the drivers that were late with deliveries or whose delays exceed a certain amount of time.
  • Reporting of the drivers that used the company car outside the work hours or that parked in the vicinity of their home in a certain time interval.
  • Reporting of the drivers that stray from the planned route.
  • Fuel consumption report by driver, by car, by group and by fleet, all compared to the established theoretical one. Variation reporting.
  • Centralizing tables of variations for any category within the fleet.
  • The program features many other standard reports and is easily customizable.


  • The Green Track and Green Auto products can be integrated with each other.