Dealer Management System

Focus on increasing your profit

Conceived especially for dealers in automotive industry, DMS (Dealer Management System) is a managing system of information’s, easy to use, decisive for your business.

Change the way you manage your fleet through data automation inside the online system.

This way you will revolutionize the way you obtain and store data, saving time and money for the entire auto park.

  • Store and access client’s data;
  • Follow invoice’s history, necessary materials,etc.
  • Issue invoices;
  • Keep track of daily activities from the service;
  • Keep track of an unlimited number of other information’s.
  • Appoint your dealers with a suite of powerful tools that will help them make the right decisions in a shorter period.

    dealer management system


    • Offers a clear vision regarding your daily tasks, service schedule and inventory;
    • Simplifies dealer’s daily activities allowing them to increase their performance and efficiency;
    • Better administration of financial data and sales;
    • Monitors customer’s satisfaction;
    • User Friendly interface, configurable and comprehensive;
    • Creates, personalizes and plans reports you need.


    • Integrated application which works at high standards;
    • Designed especially for automotive industry;
    • Provides necessary tools for increasing productivity, profit and efficiency;
    • Easy integration with other applications;
    • Accuracy in identifying the real cost with a simple verification of the application
    • Minimizes expenses of the entire process, by using DMS Green program;
    • Stored information can be anytime analysed and used in marketing campaigns