WEB CRM – Increase your clients’ satisfaction

We are often asked, what is the meaning of CRM and what do you use it for? CRM is a Customer Relationship Management program.

CRM helps you manage client’s data and keep in handy information’s regarding the interaction you had with your clients.

You get to have a clear image of the conducted sales, relevant information’s about daily tasks and maximize communication inside the team.

A program such as CRM can record client’s contact data (phone number, email address, social media profiles, etc) all the way to information’s regarding the company he works for, even personal information’s.

Therefor you can easy overview issues and details related to your clients, that otherwise you might (miss).

And because every detail count, we designed the Green CRM solution for your business, that will allow you to get the right calls and undertake actions based on collected data.



  • Intranet implementation, similar to a web service.
  • It is a highly flexible system for quality management.
  • Completely covers the management of client relations and supplier relations.
  • Allows the management of response delay according to the S.L.A.
  • Facilitates the tracking of help desk problems.
  • Allows efficient resource allocation.
  • Manages any problems that come up during the process of improving activity efficiency.
  • The ticketing system is highly useful for service provider companies.
  • Makes marketing more effective and reduces the time allocated to the sale process.
  • The system allows the obtaining of highly detailed client or supplier reports.
  • Periodical reports based on types of problems and their hierarchy.
  • Reports on response delays regarding problem solving.


  • The centralization of all information regarding clients, sales, marketing, tech support.
  • The optimization of business processes based on the centralized information.
  • The system tracks and analyzes individual performance and company performance.
  • Educated decisions based on company performance indicators.
  • Fast solving of the clients’ requests.
  • Increase of the cases solved on the first interaction.
  • Removes blockages and down-times by using automatic work flows.
  • Transparency between departments that increases productivity and company activity coordination.
  • Strengthening of relations with clients and suppliers.
  • Activity planning possibility.
  • Sales forecasting.
  • Optimization of the supplying process and of the production volume.


  • It can be either integrated with other applications or installed as standalone software.