Green Recycling – Develop your business while saving nature!

Green Recycling is a software dedicated to the collecting, transport and processing of waste from appliances, electric and electronic equipment (WEEE).

The program’s online interface is accessible to both clients and service suppliers.

The whole process begins when the client accesses the website and submits a request for waste collecting, in which he fills out the approximate amount of waste (in kilograms) that he wants collected.

After this, the service supplier categorizes the requests and turns them into orders, so a waste collector can complete these orders, grouping them by destination. Completed orders are processed in specialized centers. The software incorporates a calculation engine that estimates the number of kilograms being processed.

The final weight sum is reported to every client, ultimately being transformed into value points with which clients can purchase IT products as a reward.


  • The application can be accessed at any time, regardless of location and operating system, as long as there is a web browser installed and an internet connection.
  • Saves the time spent on filling out and submitting necessary papers for the collecting process.
  • Fast identification of clients through the website login system.
  • Improvement of the order completion ratio.
  • The software can be easily integrated with other business domains (not only IT).


  • The recycling process takes much less time thanks to the efficient communication between client, service supplier and waste collector (the information is accessed in real-time).
  • The quantities initially estimated by the clients are corrected and updated by the program into the client’s account.
  • The program incorporates a reward system through which clients can obtain IT products, aiming for customer loyalty.
  • Keeps a precise history of all the orders and products, ultimately leading to an efficient management of the company activity.


  • Reports regarding collected kilograms and their equivalent in value points.
  • Statistics on submitted requests and sold products.
  • Client transaction history.


  • The program can connect and integrate with the CRM solution.
  • IT products can be purchased with value points through the online store.