Socrate Financial Module

Leads to cash flow optimization and to the improvement of financial performance indicators. The strength of this package lies in the high flexibility shown in organizing accounting elements.

The module is made of three sub-modules:

  • Management and financial accounting
  • Fixed assets
  • Treasury

The accounting sub-module 

The accounting module is the foundation of the powerful Socrate system and allows the registering of all financial accounting transactions. It also allows synthesizing, processing and reporting transactions in real-time.


  • The module incorporates a powerful auditing and entry validation system and establishes a connection with the other modules.
  • Multiple-company report consolidation (the system can do book-keeping for one or more companies or for a holding structure company).
  • Easy and fast bookkeeping.
  • Document grouping by synoptic tables, documents and sizes (company, project, location).
  • Organizing of accounting activities.
  • Flexible account structure.
  • Automation of transactions.
  • Bookkeeping in multiple currencies.
  • Inflation accounting – the module allows the re-processing of balance elements, the defining of nonmonetary elements in the chart of accounts and of inflation indicators.
  • Flexible reporting system.
  • Reports can be specifically modified according to the clients’ needs.
  • Auditing and security system.
  • Document tracking.

Fixed assets sub-module

The intangible assets module allows the registering of all financial operations with fixed assets and inventory assets from within the company, with automatic registering in financial accounting.


  • Bookkeeping of fixed assets by multiple criteria.
  • The module allows bookkeeping for both fixed assets and inventory assets, simultaneously.
  • The system allows the defining of amortization formulas.
  • Bookkeeping by location and profit centers.
  • Complete integration with the Accounting module.

The Treasury Sub-Module (Payments and income)

The sub-module allows the anticipating and tracking of money input and output following orders or sales and purchases.


  • The circulation of money between all accounts, at any time, can be emphasized with payments and income.
  • Flexible operative or summary reports.
  • Operates with multiple currencies
  • Flexible definitions of rebates and payment deadlines.
  • Automation of regular payments (regular to automatic).
  • Keeps a history of payments and income.
  • Cash flow optimization within the company.
  • Complete control over paying and receiving sums.
  • Flexible income and payment system.
  • Automatic generation of exchange rate difference bills.
  • Reevaluation of foreign currency balance for the calculation, reporting and transfer to accounting.
  • Reconciliation of income and payments (canceling or linking some income and payments to invoices, proforma invoices and receipts.
  • Perfect integration with the Commercial Module and Accounting Module.
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