Socrate POS Module

The module performs all necessary activities for sales through sale points (Point Of Sale) and manages communication between the commercial back office management system and the front office equipment (POS, scales, hand held devices).


  • The management of product catalogs from the store’s equipment.
  • Catalog viewing by various criteria.
  • Writes documents specific to the store activity.
  • Socrate+ electronic sales journal, tax receipts and fiscal documents, with specific change checking.
  • Inventory lists with hand held devices.
  • Checking sales, stock, and income with the possibility of negative inventory balancing.
  • Product labeling.
  • Day closing procedures.
  • Management report with stock variation by products, groups of products and product classes and by various periods of time.
  • Addition report for products, product groups and product classes by various periods of time.
  • Day closing procedures with document recap.
  • Supplier reports with electronic data exporting (directly in the file or sent via e-mail).


  • Checks if certain types of prices and barcodes are being transmitted.
  • Checks barcode consistency.
  • Database management and updating with the latest valid prices and barcodes.
  • Flexible configuration of the store’s entities (registers, clients, taxes, product groups, cashiers).
  • Total sales and income in any moment of the day.
  • Current consolidated stock in any moment of the day, with the highlighting of stagnant stock and negative stock.
  • Cashier totals and payment methods.
  • Registers’ activity – scanned products, issued tax receipts, statistics.
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