Socrate Payroll

The solution’s design was inspired from the need to cover as many particular cases as possible, knowing the complexity of this chapter’s problems.

Socrate Payrolls defines and manages personnel structure, keeps a salary rights log, medical and annual leaves and any other rights and penalties that might apply to employees.


  • Socrate Payrolls is a separately licensed module.
  • Configuration flexibility.
  • User freedom in the customizing and configuration of the module.
  • The Payroll module defines: employees, multiple salary forms, taxes, grids, bonuses, deductions, penalties, alimonies, CAR issues and vouchers.
  • A detailed log for every employee.
  • Salary calculation flexibility.
  • A history of salaries and employees.
  • You can track an employee’s salary evolution, as well as initiate new negotiations.
  • Multiple reports on salaries, timesheets, deductions, leaves, vouchers and tax records.
  • Automatic data transfer to the accounting department.
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